How to Choose the Most Suitable Sex Toy & What is the Best Sex Toy

Adult love toy adapts to all genitals and to all people, a new attempt to create an artifact that gives pleasure to all bodies. However, even though many venture to buy one of the many sexual accessories that abound in the market, it never hurts a small guide that helps to find the ideal object for the needs of each person and/or couple. Ideal to fulfill everyone's sexual fantasies, to improve the female orgasm (which has a lot to do with masturbation), or to introduce new things ... We talk about innovating when we explain why spanking (or spanking in the sex) could significantly improve your sex life or how to safely incorporate BDSM into your relationship. Vibrating toys can also help add excitement to your encounters.


How can I start with a sex toy?

Before we started to introduce the helpful and enjoyable sex toys, people may wonder I have never used a sex toy, how can I start? We will provide a guidance first. Thanks to the movies, the internet, literature, etc. The sex toys are increasingly the order of the day and we could even say that they are becoming fashionable. We can easily find them in erotic shops, from condoms, to dildos, handcuffs, lubricants, etc. Each of them has an erotic utility and this may arouse our curiosity.

Toys can be used alone or in company and shared, they bring variety to sexual relationships, as well as new possibilities and new sensations. They are an optional complement to add to sexuality.

On many occasions, we have some preconceived and limiting thoughts or ideas that can stop us when considering trying an erotic toy, such as:

  •  Having a sex toy makes you obsessive about sex.
  •  If you need a toy with your partner, it is that he/she is no longer sexually enough for you.
  •  If you have a partner you shouldn't need them because you already have him/her.


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Guide to choose your first erotic toy

If we want to get into the world of sex toys, the most important thing is to start alone to get to know each other well and know how we like them and then add them to your intimacy if that is what we want and we feel like. Next, I am going to make a simple guide to choose the first erotic toy.


1.Investigate options

The first step is to investigate all the options that exist and what is the most striking to you. It is best to enter an online store to see a catalog and learn about the variety of products. Do not be shy. At first it seems like a new world because of the large number of options there are.


 2.Define what utility you want

Once you have had a first contact, it is a matter of defining what purpose and utility you want from the toys, external stimulation , internal sensations, etc. To be able to reduce the number of possibilities and make it easier to decide.


3. Pay attention to the materials

best sex toy

The ideal thing before buying is to go to an erotic store and ask questions to resolve the doubts and assess the type of material with which it is made because today there are many types of materials and an allergy may occur. It is also important that the person who treats you is trained and has knowledge in the matter and if it also lets you touch the product much better.


 4. Don't buy the most expensive sex toy

It is important to avoid buying the best and most expensive product, first, it is advisable to choose a mid-range one and evaluate with experience and if we like that type of product then look for the definitive one.


5. It should only be a complement

hannah minx

Once you have the product at home it is interesting to investigate all its possibilities and learn about the new sensations that it can provide, but we should never depend on it to obtain pleasure or need it in all sexual situations, it should be a complement.

Of course it is not mandatory to use sex toys nor is it bad not to use them. Each person must listen and know what they want and want and what they don't. It is simply one more possibility within the world of sexuality.


A handful of sex toys that we recommend


Rabbit Habit vibrating toy

Price: $49.48

Popularized largely because of the Sex & the City series, the Rabbit Habit vibrating toy has become a classic of the erotic toys of recent times and not exactly for fashion. Designed to stimulate the G-spot, the rabbit ears that give the vibrator its name are responsible for providing external stimulation. In this way, all fronts are covered, so if one doesn't work, the other side will.



sex toy for men


  • EASY TO CLEAN: Clean it by running water thoroughly after use, and run some warm water through it. Allow to air dry and then lightly dust it with a dry towel. If the product has a smell, it is normal, just put it in a cool and ventilated place, it will be better.
  • SUPER-SOFT BODY-SAFE SILICONE: With the soft lifelike material, you'll experience the delicate lips clinging gently to your cock. All our ingredients are the same as baby pacifiers, a good sense of touch, almost like human skin.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN FOR YOUR EVERY STROKE: Gorgeous design with concave slashes for great control of every stroke. Take off the sleeve of the mouth masturbator can got a different experience.

To give you the love of the mouth, She wraps D tightly with soft tongue and vibrates her mouth skillfully and changeably with many frequencies, so that you are refreshed to the soul.




Vibrating rings


Some have a strange appearance, but all of these products are used in the same place: they are used around the penis, trapping blood inside of the penis. This results in a longer-lasting and stronger erection. For many it is even the first alternative in cases of difficulties in maintaining an erection.

"If you're new to sex toys, a vibrating ring is a fun tool to start," says Dr. Debby Herbenick,author and sexologist of the book Sex Made Easy. This is placed like any other and therefore the wearer and their partner will experience the vibrations equally. There are a variety of models and experts recommend Durex Troyan or Ring of Bliss for beginners. Both options are easy to find in any pharmacy.

Vibrating rings are basic for many couples. 




clitoral stimulators


In the clitoris the nerves that produce sexual pleasure in women are concentrated. This organ is attached to the labia minora, located in the vagina, and is partially covered by them. Adding the fact of the high level of sensitivity of this area and the use of erotic toys intended to massage it, very intense orgasms can be achieved.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Crave Duet has everything you are looking for in a device of this nature: multi-speed, waterproof, rechargeable (via USB), almost silent, and with a quite functional and elegant design at the same time. "Put it to vibrate in a loop pattern and get ready to blow your head," they write about it.

The Crave Duet is one of the most complete clitoral stimulators on the market.




penis vibrator


Masturbators are one of the most abundant toys on the market, that is why there are so many models that fit all pockets and, above all, satisfy everyone's demands. The most popular are the so-called Fleshlights, which get their name from their peculiar presentation similar to a hand lamp. However, out of shape, these objects have little to do with each other.

In this way, the range is wide and ranges from those who seek to imitate vaginas, years and mouths, to more recent models that even seek to (hypothetically) recreate an alien vulva. On the other hand, for those more interested in technological interaction, support for fleshlights was also designed that can be adapted to a tablet and increase the possibilities of play during a virtual sex session.




Silver Bullet vibrator


Silver Bullet is its official name. Its distributors on the web define it as a "simple and elegant vibrator, it is good for direct and powerful stimulation of the clitoris", which initially makes this device, seem like an exclusive product for ladies. However, the fact is that even men's publications like Mens Health show it as one of the best male sex toys. For what is this?

This multi-speed vibrator is an excellent choice for beginners and an essential tool for the experienced, the Early to bed online store writes about it, expanding its horizons of use. "This also makes it a good vibrator to use with a partner, as it is small enough to fit between two people while enjoying other pleasures."




wife dildo


According to LA Weekly , the Aneros company offers a series of products (such as the MGX Classic shown in the image) for the man who wants to know the pleasures of the anus as well as for the men who already know them well. Although it is a topic quite avoided by many straight male heterosexuals who fear that their orientation will be questioned, there is also the version that “there is something a little childish and not very virile in a man who is afraid of experiencing the pleasure of his own anal hole ”, according to the Californian site.

Products specialized in perineal prostate stimulation have prices that range from 49 to 140 dollars (between 737 and 2,155 pesos approximately). However, for those who have no idea what this is all about, Aneros even has a kit for the inexperienced.

Not all men dare to experiment with their prostate. 




Chinese beads


The use of so-called Chinese beads or balls has recently become popular, especially since the release of the film adaptation of the book 50 Shades of Gray . However, these sexual accessories usually take a long time within the taste of those who like to experience new sensations.

Regular use of Luna Beads can enhance the female orgasm by simply acting as a kind of vaginal trainer, even if the wearer is having orgasms most of the time. You can always go for more if you think of it as a workout with real results that will benefit both parties during intercourse.

In addition to pleasure, Chinese beads "train" those who use them. 



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Sexual games are not limited to the genitals, the rest of the body is also important, if by the way what you are looking for is a relaxing sensation, the Jewel Sphere Couples Massager is the ideal device to enjoy as a couple.

In the shape of the Yin-Yang symbol, this device is inspired by the concepts of balance and integrity, which is divided into two massagers. The white half features five constant vibration speeds, while the black side offers pulsations and intermittent adjustments. It is designed to be used in any area you can think of to make the experience even more complete.

Massagers are an important part of the game prior to intercourse. 



rabbit vibrators

Price: $150.00

The We-Vibe 3 is a product that is not very accessible for all budgets. However, despite costing around $ 150 (approximately 2,200 pesos), experts say it is worth the expense.

"It really is the first sex toy that can be used by a woman during sex," says Dr. Herbenick. The toy is C-shaped, so one side slides into the vagina while the other arm wraps around to stimulate the clitoris. What's more, the rechargeable vibrator is slim enough that you can also be inside it at the same time. Still undecided? The toy comes equipped with six different vibration modes and is safe to use with water-based lubricants. As if that were not enough, it is 100 percent waterproof for those who want to explore the capacity of this toy in the shower. Furthermore, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 hours on a single charge.




 screaming orgasm porn


Not everything is rhythm and stimulation in the right area. Sometimes the big difference is made by a few degrees of incline. To do this in a much simpler and more fun way, there is a wide variety of furniture specially designed for relationships. However, the bulk of most of these attachments makes them unfeasible to move from one location to another unless you want to hire a moving team for it.

The Liberator Heart Wedge is nothing more than a cushion that can help make this whole process much more accessible and aesthetically appropriate for these dates. With a heart shape and a smooth texture, this inclined support opens up a whole world to other possibilities of positions during intercourse. Not only is it perfect for a couple, but it can also be used on its own to masturbate more comfortably, not to mention that its size and manufacturing material make it an easy-to-clean item.


Have you already decided which sex toy is the best one for you? We hope you will have a woderful experience on your first using of sex toys. If you have any questions please contact us.

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