Amantis is one of the best-selling stores for vibrating sex toys in the capital. There Tatiana attended us, who explained to us one by one the virtues of each of the selected sexual toys and spoke to us about the benefits of buying them in a physical store. Without further ado, the vibrating sex toys most purchased by female customers.



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 It adds that fun twist to the bedroom and is also waterproof.If you want a friend with you in your next bath, its waterproofing is very necessary at that moment. This sex toy for women can easily become your best friend and is so worth the price.


 If you're looking for discreet play, you can not go wrong with this G spot vibrator toy. 





Why not also carry a lipstick of these characteristics in your bag? It is a toy that you can always carry with you without attracting any attention. This dildo sex toy can bring you to explore the delight of a couple and enjoy yourself in the most unexpected places. A vibration that you can regulate by turning the base like a traditional lipstick.





This vibrating bunny tool from INA WAVE and sways from top to bottom to reach the most intense of orgasms perfectly. It has a special movement called 'come here' -and that only this sexual toy uses- that is inspired by the caresses that the fingers of good lovers make when searching the Point G. Demolisher. Double stimulation, more intense pleasure. One of the most requested toys in store. 







Completely created for pleasure and anal stimulation. It can be the best of companions for your sexual adventures as a couple. You can play with the temperatures by heating or cooling the drop. You can use it while performing the penetration. One of the best-selling toys on the spot


TIANI 3 Sex Toy Wholesale

vibrating toy for couples



It is designed to be carried by women during sexual intercourse. This is an ideal vibrating toy for a couple. You can control the vibrations while making love through the movement of the remote. Its improved vibration provides sensations especially directed at the clitoris, while its soft silicone design provides incomparable pleasure and supreme comfort. For couples it is great. Two toys and more versatility. A vagina sex toy that can stimulate the most unexpected areas of them. 



 vibrating prostate toy



The Japanese brand Tenga has created a new line of extra soft and flexible vibrators. Within this line we find MINAMO. It has a soft silicone outer shell, and it is moderately sized which makes it ideal if you are just getting started in the world of love toys or if you haven't enjoyed vaginal sex in a long time. It is flexible to facilitate its use. As for the most playful beginners, this soft vibrating tool can use alone or in pairs.

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This bunny looks ordinary, but inside each of his ears hides a powerful vibrator. It is the perfect simulator to play alone or in accompany. His body is made of the best silicone in the world, soft and smooth as silk. 3 intensities of vibration and 7 different rhythms. Tiny but killer. One of the most popular toys. It's designed to make you scream, Buff! until saying enough. 


ORA 2 Sex Toy  Wholesale

vibrating pussy toy



An elegant LELO oral sex simulator awarded with prestigious international awards. It rotates and vibrates around the clitoris to offer sensations superior to conventional oral sex. Easy to use. Its precision will give you great satisfaction. It serves to stimulate other areas and you can share it with your lover without any modesty. 



vibrating cat toy



It is more classic and has a curvature to search for the G-spot. This dildo has a new system that mimics the movements of the penis during penetration. Investigate and enjoy its 7 speeds and 3 vibrating rhythms for a unique experience closer to reality than you would have ever expected in an erotic toy. If what you want is a perfect simulation, here you have it. To play alone or in the company. 



vibrating egg sex toy



This is the limited edition of the LELO 15th Anniversary collection. A briefcase like no other that holds a hidden treasure. It contains 12 objects of pleasure that will make the imagination fly. LELO's exquisite design encompasses both its exterior and the latest technological innovations on its interior. Zinc and black alloy or 18k rose gold plated, these limited edition products are the most exclusive BDSM line on the market.


Amantis has been canning for almost 20 years in the world of sex toys. The project was born with a double intention: to bring the latest toys to different people and carry out work, in addition to being informative, educational. So starting from sex education as the core philosophy of Amantis, we find that each of the employees of the Amantis stores become true professionals and counselors. In its stores you can access courses and talks on sexuality to give it the natural touch that the subject deserves and enhance its informative approach.

We did not meet Tatiana at the Principe de Vergara store in Madrid. And right there, he told us about the store and its educational work.


Tell us about the store. Its design is made that people enter without prejudice, right?

The store is designed as an exhibition space. It is open (the entire front of the door is wide open occupying almost all the facade) to invite people to enter without being embarrassed. As you can see, at the entrance we have books and publications and, as you enter, the products appear in different sections and exhibitors. In this way, people feel more comfortable and less attacked. The idea is that it doesn't look as seedy as the classic stores. This is something we want to separate from. We want it to look like something more natural. We have a quite large parapharmacy section inside the store.


Do customers always come in knowing what they want?

No. Many times they enter out of curiosity and end up discovering toys through suggestions and preferences. Since everything is exposed, it is within sight and makes the process easier and more natural. Also, if you have any questions, they come to us and we help them that is what we are for.


What type of clientele is the one that most passes through your stores?

It depends a lot on the store and the neighborhood above all. A lot of middle-aged women come. But the customer who spends the most is the couple between 30 and 40 years old. They are the ones that consume the most and leave money on these toys.


And the young girls?

They are more naturalized. Maybe they don't spend as much money but they do come often and pick at their little things. Then couples of young women also spend a lot to enrich their sexual life as a couple. They usually come straight for the product they want.


So it seems that the new generations come more informed ...

All this disclosure and standardization work is progressing. It is more alarming when someone older comes in who may come to you with some archaic or terrible concepts. So it is important to infer in terminology. Of course, that's what we're here for. We try to correct. Young girls arrive more prepared and speak openly about what they are looking for.


And what are they looking for?

Well, they give each other a lot. They do so at ever younger ages. They want sexual toys for them. Everything is closely linked to female empowerment and they are increasingly proud of their sexuality and enjoy it without hesitation. It is very popular to give vibrators that are both jewelry and are worn around the neck.


A tip for the readers

That there is to explore. Self-exploration is essential. Know your sex well. All areas comprise it. Not long ago the clitoris was the great unknown. Let all those taboos are removed and the part is that "only one penis is going to make you feel pleasure." Sex education must be had from a young age, and open your mind a little more every day.

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FUN IS FOR EVERYONE - Sex Toy Wholesale Store

It's simple to be distracted by many sex toys that exist for stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot, but don't be fooled. There is a lot of fun to discover thanks to adult sex toys designed for stimulation of the penis, prostate and much more. . Do you want to know how to improve your pleasure and get the largest happiness? Take a look at this assortment of sex tools for couples... and whoever wants to try them. 



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These rings toys are quite unique to be classic. The penis rings offer a stimulating feeling and increased your sense. (It is as if your lover grasps of your penis tightly.) Better yet, as they keep you a more powerful and full erection. Besides, it offers extra pleasure to the recipient lover. 



vibrating tongue toy

The vibrating anal toy is amazing: countless nerve ending, amazing sensations of fullness and other ways. No matter you are just starting it or experiencing your sexual repertoire, the anal sex toy is always a great choice. Only lubricate it, slide it on and enjoy stimulation effortlessly. Our bestseller BOOTIES is a beginner's favorite, while B BALL UNO creates vibrant sensations with every movement. 

Do you want more? Get your tone on with the BOOTIE M, BOOTIE L, and B BALLS DU

Can't decide between an anal toy and a great ring? The BOOTIE RING combines the power of increasing the erection of a penis ring with a slight stimulation of the prostate and a massage on the perineum. Prepare for full orgasms all over your body.



The fantastic vibrators are our best-selling style and the reason is: with them you will feel the most incredible vibration. It awakens the nerves of the erogenous zones, making you feel intense sensitivity and providing a feeling that you do not get in any other way. For the internal vibration, DUKE is the best! The toy is designed to adapt to your anatomy, making sure you have the most intense pleasure.

It envelops the glans in powerful vibration thanks to its two motors. It is ideal for masturbation.



vibrating ball sex toy

Are you not certain about how silicone anal balls cause more intense orgasms? Just lubricate your BENDYBEADS or FLEXI FELIX, insert your balls little by little, experiment to reach orgasm, and, when you are ready, slowly take out the balls. Contractions will bring you to a higher level of orgasm. 



sex toy wholesale

Soft or fancy, in a belt to wear as a couple or attached to the bedroom floor through suction cups, Dildos allow you to decide which feeling you want to experience! Their special qualities make them shockproof and suitable for harnesses, so people can feel safe playing alone or with your partner.

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