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Nowadays more and more women use sex toys. It is common now as vibrating toys are excellent accessories to incorporate into your sex life. They bring enjoyable sensation when using them in private and help you relax. Besides, adult toys can be used with a couple and bring fun to bedroom.

It‘s very simple to choose your first sex toy. With this guide write by a wholesale sex toys store we seek to help you find suitable sex toys for you and experience new and intense sensations. In this article we will share some of the most popular sex toys.



    The significance of using sex toys

    • Sex toys are beneficial and useful. They can bring a lot of pleasure for you without too much effort. Also, they are conductive to releasing stress and increasing feelings in intimacy as a couple.
    • There is a huge diversity of sex tools for women. In our categories, we mainly present you with vibration toys. However, we cover other types of sex toys in our article.
    • How to choose your private perfect sex toy?

             You must pay more attention to the following factors: the types of toys, the material and whether they have an electrical function or not. You should also consider whether you will use it alone or with your partner.


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      The best sex toys for women in WHOLESALE SEX TOYS STORE

      In this ranking we decided to focus on sex toys designed for personal use. Therefore, we also have some recommendations, which are perfect for couples or unisex use.

      • The favorite sex toy of online shoppers
      • The most stimulating sex toys
      • The most relaxing sex toys
      • The wirelessly controlled sex toys
      • The double dildo sex toys
      • The set of Chinese balls for sexual use

      The favorite sex toy of online shoppers

      Price: $ 21.52

      sex toys- MASSAGER

      Shibari Mini Halo, ”The Original” Compact Power Wand Massager, Wireless, 20x Multi-Speed ​​Vibrations (Pink)Read user reviews

      The Shibari Mini Halo vibrator model is one of the favorites in the online market. This is probably because it combines an affordable price with good quality. It is a flexible vibrator and made of medical silicone.

      This vibrator features 20 different speed patterns, providing a wide range of possible games. It uses a rechargeable battery through a USB cable. It is 100% waterproof. Buy it  in sex toy wholesale store, you can have a huge discount.


      The most stimulating sex toy

      Price: $ 84.00

      vibrating toy

      LLJY's Pussey Licker is one of the most versatile sex toys for women on the market. It is equipped with a small suction cup designed to directly stimulate the clitoris or nipples. This device is charged with a USB cable and is waterproof.

      Besides, the suction cup has a tongue with 7 vibrating frequencies in the middle. This tongue comes into direct contact with the clitoris to cause further stimulation. To make matters worse, the end opposite the suction cup is a vibrating dildo with 10 vibration frequencies. 


      The most relaxing sex toy

      Price: $ 14.90

      penis plug

      Smooth and rounded, the head of this dildo vibrator is ergonomically angled to hit your elusive pleasure zone with ease, while a pair of bunny ears sit in prime position to stimulate your clitoris with scintillating vibrations.

      It adds that fun twist to the bedroom and is also waterproof if you want a friend with you in your next bath, that is sometimes much needed, this sex toy for women can easily become your best friend and is so worth the price. Buy it  in sex toy wholesale store, you can have a huge discount.


      The wirelessly controlled sex toy

      Price: $ 59.99


      Smart Phone App Controlled Virtors G Spot Bullet Virtorss Cllitoris Stimulation Mass-AGER Bluetooth Connected Seex Shirt Toys for Women, Green No App

      This is a vibrator that features a dildo that is inserted into the vagina and a surface that stimulates the clitoris at the same time. The main feature of this toy offered by the Dddff store is that it is controlled wirelessly through a smartphone application.

      This toy is made of medical silicone, which is hypoallergenic, completely safe and hygienic. It can vibrate at 7 different frequencies and is powered by a rechargeable battery via a USB cable. It is a very fun toy to use between couple.


      The double dildo sex toys

      Price: $ 31.99

      DUBBLE dildo sex toy

      Female Double Strong Motor with 12 Vibration USB Charging Adult Toys for Spot Wireless Privacy Remote Wearable Quiet Control Toys for Women, T-Shirt

      Heze Chutang provides a toy for those who want to have double fun. This is a vibrator with two dildos and a clitoral massager. One of the dildos is inserted into the vagina while the second one goes into the anus. Designed to stimulate all three zones simultaneously.

      This vibrator has 12 vibration frequencies and the clitoral stimulator has raised dots. It is made of medical silicone and is waterproof. The battery is rechargeable and is charged with a USB cable.


      The set of Chinese balls for sexual use

      Price: $ 38.99

      girls masturbating together


      Kegel Balls Ben Wa Balls Exercise Weights Kegel Exercise for Women Pelvic Floor Tightening Exercises, Beginners & Advanced Kegel Balls for Women Exercises Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor

      These Chinese Man Nuo balls are Ben Wa style balls, which are also used for Kegel exercises. In addition to stimulating sexual sensations, the use of these balls also helps with incontinence problems.

      It is a set that includes four games, three with two balls and one with a single ball. One of them is also a vibrator. They are made of medical silicone and the vibrating balls are charged with a USB cable. Buy it  in sex toy wholesale store, you can have a huge discount.

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      Shopping Guides: What You Should Know About Sex Toys For Women

      A good sex toy can help you release stress and contribute to intimacy with your partner. They are great accessories to incorporate into your routine. However, there are still many taboos that can lead to ignorance about these products. In this section we answer the most common questions about sex toys for women.

      There are many types of sex toys for women that can also be used as a couple. 


      What kind of sex toys for women are there?

      The best-known women's toys are phallic-shaped dildos and vibrators. However, there is a huge variety beyond them. There are vibrators, for example, that are not inserted into the vagina, but massage or suck the clitoris emulating oral sex.

      There are also toys designed for anal play, such as plugs or anal beads.

      There are also toys for BDSM, an erotic practice whose initials refer to bondage, domination, submission and masochism. These toys range from tying and restraining accessories, such as handcuffs and grips, to whips and tongs. Although in our article we focus on more traditional sex toys, the world of BDSM can be very interesting.


      What are the different vibrating sex toys?

      Vibration toys are the best known, but this does not make them monotonous. The vibrators can give many extremely pleasant surprises. There are many different types of vibrators on the market, designed with different forms of stimulation, contexts of use, and degrees of intensity in mind.

      • Classic vibrator characteristics: They are straight phallic in shape and are hard. They usually have different rhythms of vibration. Special advantage: they are very intuitive to use and are usually good for getting started in the use of sex toys.
      • G-spot stimulator characteristics: It is a phallic-shaped vibrator that has an upward curve. It allows you to reach the most sensitive areas of your vagina. Special advantage: Its curve helps to stimulate the areas that you cannot reach with a vibrator or normal dildo.
      • Vibrator "bunny"  characteristics: Simultaneously stimulate the inside of the vagina and the clitoris. Originally they had small "bunny ears" on the short end. Special advantage: They do not require much physical effort, they stimulate both areas simultaneously.
      • Clitoral stimulator characteristics: It is used exclusively on the clitoris. Starting with pulsations, it emulates the sensation of receiving oral sex. Special advantage: Focus on the clitoris and gives you very intense sensations.


      Are sex toys for women safe?

      rabbit vibrators

      Toys made by reputable and trusted brands are usually perfectly safe. When using them, you must follow the instructions and take your time. If it is a toy designed to enter your body, we recommend always using lubricant. If your toy is silicone, the lubricant should be water-based. Keep in mind that your genitals are extremely sensitive. You can have allergic reactions to certain materials, even when it comes to high-quality toys. If you feel stinging or burning, stop the game immediately. Glass, metal, and medical-grade silicone products are less likely to cause allergies and infections than plastic products.


      Irene Bedmar MartínPsychologist and sex educator" Accept and reconcile with your body. This will allow you to enjoy a much healthier and more pleasurable sexuality ”.


      How can I keep sex toys for women clean?

      Most sex toys come into contact with some of the most sensitive areas of your body. Lack of hygiene can lead to infections. Therefore, you should keep them clean and store them in a hygienic place. We recommend always cleaning them immediately after use. The cleaning technique you use will depend on the material of the toy. Here are some tips that may be useful to you.

      1. If your toy is made of glass, metal or silicone, wash it with soap and water.
      2. If it's not waterproof, use a damp cloth to keep it from getting too wet.
      3. We do not recommend washing them in the dishwasher, as they can leave residues.
      4. If your toy doesn't vibrate, you can even boil it for a couple of minutes to fully disinfect it.


      Can I use sex toys for women as a couple?

      Of course. Incorporating sex toys into the bedroom can give each other a lot of pleasure. This is especially useful when sex is becoming monotonous and you want to get out of the routine. Sex toys will allow them to experiment with new positions, increase the intensity of orgasms, and explore fantasies. We know it can be difficult to propose because of the taboos behind sex toys. Some men may feel displaced, insecure, or fear that they are not satisfyactory as sexual partners. However, vibrators do not replace your partner, but can complement the experience and give new sensations to both of you.

      Sex toys are very beneficial to increase the pleasure of women.


      Can sex toys for women be used in other ways?

      amazon dildo

      Some sex toys have functions beyond sexual pleasure. Vaginal dilators, for example, are used to relax very tight tissues. This is useful after having undergone vaginal surgery (for example, for trans women), radiation, or suffering from vaginismus. Chinese balls help strengthen the pelvic floor. Vibrators not only stimulate the vagina and clitoris. There are many more erogenous zones of your body that you can stimulate with these toys and that can give you a lot of pleasure. Besides, you can use the electrical function of vibrators to massage other parts of the body, such as the back or neck. Your imagination is the limitation.


      Purchase criteria of sex toys

      Sex toys are accessories designed to give sexual pleasure. There are them for men and women, with or without electrical function, of thousands of forms and materials, and for many different parts of the body. We want to help you in choosing your next sex toy. When choosing the perfect toy, you should consider different purchase criteria.

      • Toy type
      • Material
      • Electrical function
      • Context of use
      • Experience


      Toy type

      Consider what type of toy interests you and best suits your needs. Dildos and vibrators are the best option if you want vaginal or clitoral stimulation. If you are looking to increase your long-term sexual pleasure, Ben Wa balls are an excellent option. If what interests you is bondage, look for accessories such as handcuffs or ropes.

      Remember to keep your toys clean after using them.



      Sex toys come into contact with some of the most sensitive parts of your body. You must make sure that the material is safe. The best models are made of metal, glass, or silicone, as these materials are not porous. If you go for a silicone toy, make sure it's medical-grade silicone. This prevents infections.


      Electrical function

      Vibrators are probably the preferred sex toys among women. This is due to its effectiveness in stimulating erogenous zones. However, there are also good toys without vibration that give a lot of pleasure, such as glass dildos.


      Context of use

      best vibrators for couples

      When buying a toy, consider whether you will use it privately or as a couple. If it is in private, we recommend one that requires little effort, such as "bunny" vibrators. Clitoral stimulators are also perfect for masturbation, as they emulate the feeling of receiving oral sex from a partner.

      If what you want is to integrate a toy into intimacy with your partner or simply experiment with another person, we recommend toys that complement sex. Also, buying it together can be a very exciting experience.

      Sex toys stimulate many nerve endings in the female body. 



      If this is your first time purchasing a vibrator, consider finding an appropriate one to get you started on sex toys. There are simple, small and moderately priced vibrators perfect for "beginners". It can help you get familiar with them and then move on to more elaborate accessories.



      Sex toys are extremely useful and versatile. The ideal toy can help renew your sex life and give you a completely new sensation. Using it in pairs can also be very pleasant for both of you and increase the intensity of your orgasms. Regardless of the use you make of them, your accessory will leave you satisfied.

      In our ranking we include various products, suitable for different ways of use. We decided to focus our recommendations on vibration toys, as they are the perfect products to start your experiences with these great accessories. Later, you can explore other types of toys and new fantasies.

      We hope our article encourages you to experiment with sex toys and discover new ways to feel pleasure. If you enjoyed it, share it on social networks. Remember to leave your opinion in our comments section.

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