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The sex toys market offers you a large number of options, including vibrators, handcuffs, penis covers, special lubricants with flavors and aromas. This sex toys review will let you know all the benefits that sex toys offered and we willl find out what is the best 5 sex toys for couple.


  • First, the most important advice
  • Ranking: The 5 best sex toys on the market
    • 1st - Point V 8 vibrator with clitoral stimulator - You Vibe
    • 2nd - Metal Handcuffs with Black Toy - Sexy Fantasy
    • 3rd - Unisex double love dice - Fun in the cube
    • 4th - Dolphin Penis Ring with vibrating capsule - Nanma
    • 5th - Rechargeable Conversion Double-headed Massage Stick
  • Shopping guide
    • What are sex toys?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using sex toys?
    • How to take care of the hygiene of sex toys?
    • How much?
    • Where to buy?
  • Purchase criteria: what to consider before buying sex toys
    • Material
    • Templates
    • Resources
    • The functions
    • Waterproof


First, the most important advice

sex toys review
  • Always opt for sex toys made of non-toxic materials, so it will ensure that there is no risk of allergies or irritations.
  • It is very important to check the product specifications and the correct way to disinfect them.
  • If you have specific questions or health problems, before using any product, consult a trusted doctor.



Ranking: The 5 best sex toys for couples on the market

The sex toy market is growing and the number of options available is huge. To help you make a choice, we've put together a Ranking of some of the best products available to give you more pleasure and explore new fantasies.


1st - Point V 8 vibrator with clitoral stimulator - You Vibe

Price: $21.99

You Vibe G-Spot vibrator

Ideal for much more intense orgasms, the You Vibe G-Spot vibrator features clitoral stimulation and eight levels of vibration, with two motors operating simultaneously to ensure much more pleasure.

With a total size of 21 cm, it offers a penetrable length of 10 cm and a thickness of 2.5 cm with a 7.5 cm stimulator. The vibrator works with two AAA batteries not included in the package.


2nd - Metal Handcuffs with Black Toy - Sexy Fantasy

Price: $14.99

Sexy Fantasy handcuffs


Sophisticated, modern in design and much more comfortable, Sexy Fantasy handcuffs are made of reinforced metal and covered in black plush to make your nights even more fun.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials and electrostatic painting, they are much more durable and long-lasting. The set has a security lock and keys, allowing you to fit them to your wrists loosely and easily release them if necessary.


3rd - Unisex double love dice - Fun in the cube

Price: $14.98

love dice


Combining pleasure and fun, Fun in the Cube's unisex love dice offers countless possibilities to make foreplay even tastier.

With two dice made of resistant plastic, one points to different regions of the body, while the other dictates actions such as kissing, licking, and caressing. By playing, you and your partner can achieve different combinations to explore bolder caresses.


4th - Dolphin Penis Ring with vibrating capsule - Nanma

Price: $16.95

how to use rabbit vibrator


For longer-lasting erections and greater control over ejaculation, the Nanma Dolphin Stimulated Penis Ring with built-in vibrating capsule is a great ally for both men and women.

Made of silicone plastic, it is much softer and more comfortable to use. The vibrator works with two LR41 batteries already included in the package.


5th - Rechargeable conversion double-headed massage stick

Price: $14.90

rabbit vibrator orgasm

Smooth and rounded, the head of this dildo vibrator is ergonomically angled to hit your elusive pleasure zone with ease, while a pair of bunny ears sit in prime position to stimulate your clitoris with scintillating vibrations.

 If you're looking for discreet play, you can not go wrong with this g spot vibrator. It's whisper-quiet that you can't hear it in the next room with the door closed, even in a house with thin walls.

 As 70% of women can climax with direct clitoral stimulation, a personal vibrator with this dual stimulation can cause a blended orgasm! Check out our bunny rabbit if you think a rabbit vibrator is exactly what you are looking for.



Shopping guides sex toy wholesale 

large rabbit vibrator

Once considered taboo, today sex toys are on top. Whether in the form of vibrators, handcuffs, or fantasies, they are increasingly common and allow much more sophisticated and pleasant intimate moments.

To understand everything about this world and choose the best sex toys, see our Shopping Guide with details that can make a difference.

Sex toys are a great option for exploring new fantasies. 

 More discounts in our wholesale sex toys store.

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What are sex toys?

Sex toys are erotic products that help stimulate fantasies and enhance pleasure during relations, ideas to get out of the routine and help performance.

Today you can find a wide variety of sex toys available in the market. From costumes to vibrators of different shapes and sizes, these products offer different stimuli for both men and women.

When it comes to pleasure, the only limits are imposed by your taboos. And that's where sex toys come in, ensuring more freedom so you can explore new possibilities.

Secure your love in enchanting moments with a beautiful pair of handcuffs. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using sex tools?

wholesale sex toys

It is undeniable that sex toys help make sex that much more intense as they help explore new fantasies, enhance pleasure, and in short, you can find them in all price ranges.

However, some cares must be taken. If the material is not toxic, allergy or irritation may occur. Many sex toys require the use of batteries and special care must be taken when cleaning products.



  • Enhance pleasure
  • Help explore new fantasies.
  • There are toys for all tastes.
  • You can find erotic products in all price ranges.


  • Many sex toys need batteries
  • Special care must be taken when cleaning products.
  • If the material is not toxic, the risk of allergies and irritation may occur.


How to take care of the hygiene of sex toys?

girl using rabbit vibrator

Since most sex toys end up in direct contact with skin and secretions, it is very important to clean them before and after using.

A tip that fits most products is to use warm water and mild soap. It is also important to avoid the use of abrasives, as this can damage the material.

In toys that have electrical components, such as vibrators, special care must be taken during cleaning to avoid damaging the product. In such a case, use a soft damp cloth and let them dry in the shade and a well-ventilated environment.

Taking good care of your sex toy is essential to make it last longer and offer many moments of pleasure. 


How much ?

The price of sex toys varies greatly depending on the type and material in which they are produced. Handcuffs, ropes, sales, and dice are cheaper, ranging from $ 10 to $ 100.

Vibrators, dildos, rings, and penis covers range from $ 20 to $ 500. Depending on additional functionality, some products may cost more than $ 1,000.

When it comes to pleasure, there are no limits. It is increasingly common to find sophisticated and luxury items aimed at the erotic market. But if you want to have a price base, the models shown in this review can be found in a range that ranges from $ 10 to $ 250.

The best part about sex toys is that you don't need to spend a lot to explore new fantasies.


Where to buy?

You can find sex toys in specialized stores like sex shops. Nowadays it is also very common to find some models in lingerie stores or aimed at the adult public.

However, if there is no specialized store in your city or if you prefer to receive your product at home with more discretion, there are many online stores.

All the models in this review, for example, can be found on Amazon, increasingly present in Spain. sex machines for sale



Purchase criteria: what to consider before buying sex machines

Sex toys offer the opportunity to explore a wide range of new sensations and pleasures, either alone or with a special person.

But to choose the ideal model, you must consider some purchase criteria to be able to make the most of your headaches. That is why we have separated some topics that you should consider before making a purchase.

  • Material
  • Templates
  • Resources
  • The functions

Please read the topics below carefully to understand a little more about sex toys and find out how to incorporate them into your sex for even more enjoyment.



thick rabbit vibrator

The materials of sex toys largely depend on the model and the type of stimulus desired to enhance pleasure during intercourse, as well as the aesthetics involved.

Among the main ones, it is common to find leather, latex, plush items, different types of fabrics in the case of masks, sales, ties, and costumes. Because it has elastic properties and is non-toxic, it is also very common to find products made of silicone.

Especially for vibrators, they also include battery-powered electrical materials that require special care during sanitation.

Both alone and accompanied, a vibrator helps foreplay be much tastier. 



With the increasing popularity of sex toys, the variety of options is vast, as are the variations you can get from using different products. See below for a more detailed description.

  • Vibrators: with different sizes and shapes, they allow more pleasure during masturbation and many models also stimulate sensitive parts such as the clitoris, perineum, and anus.
  • Dildos: These are realistic penetration models that may or may not come with vibrators.
  • Anal spheres: spheres of different sizes that aid in anal stimulation.
  • Strap: Straps with attached dildos are ideal for role reversal or double penetration.
  • Erotic Facts - These are fun facts that determine actions and body regions, ideal for foreplay.
  • Handcuffs and bandages: Many people like to feel submissive during sex, and handcuffs and bandages help suppress vision or movement, expanding other senses.
  • Costumes: Help you escape the routine and explore moments of pleasure with role-playing games, whether nurse or firefighter, the options are numerous.



Sex toys offer numerous features to enhance pleasure. Starting with special textures that help stimulate the clitoris, vaginal canal, or prostate, each model offers a world of opportunities to explore.

Many products help provide more intense orgasms, as well as maintain an erection longer or decrease sensitivity, to help you have more control over ejaculation.

These are practical effects, but sex toys encompass a wide range of sensory stimuli. Ideally, combine them to explore new fantasies and get even more pleasure from your sex.

Enhance your nights of pleasure with toys that stimulate new fantasies. 


The functions

Sex toys offer several different functions to obtain the most varied results. They can be used alone, to more intense masturbation or relationships with one or more partners.

Therefore, before making a purchase, consider the uses, characteristics, and type of material to choose the best model and type of sex toy to explore your favorite fantasies and escape the routine.



When it comes to vibration-free models, most can be used even in wet environments like showers, bathtubs, and pools.

On models with vibrators, it is important to check the specifications if the device's power space is sealed and if it is waterproof. This prevents accidents and is less likely to damage the vibrator.


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