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Sex toys or sex games are no longer a taboo subject nowadays. The goal is to break this habit which, in the long run, means that we always repeat the same gestures which can harm the life as a couple. Offered on the market for years, sex toys are accessories that are designed to increase pleasure during love, to spice up this moment a little by bringing new things, new sensations.

There are several types of sex tools on the market. It all depends on what you and your partner need. And, if by mutual agreement, you have decided to introduce these toys into your sex life, it's time to discover models like Intimate Melody 10 PCs Leather BDSM Kits, a lot of toys made with soft materials or Naisidier Lot of 2 Unisex Masks, including a red mask and another in black, ideal for spending a good time between couples.



How to choose good sex toys for couples?


If this is your first purchase, it is normal for you to be a little embarrassed at first. The rule is simple: it is necessary to choose according to the needs of both. However, don't be too stubborn, because, don't forget, you are introducing these toys for discovery and adventure. Reading this review for the best sex toys of couple is a good start.


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 Sex Toys or Sex Games?

 If you decided to use sex toys, it may be because, with your partner, you felt that he was lacking a little spice in your sex life or that you just want to discover something else. In this case, listen to what you want. If you want, for example, to improve foreplay, lean towards the objects that promote this. But beware, knowing how to discern the difference between a sex toy and a sexual game.

In case you want to play a role-play for example or you want to practice bondage, you will opt for the accessories of sexual games. On the market, there are all kinds of disguises, masks, kits intended for this purpose. Fans of 50 shades of Gray know more about this kind of practice.

But it is also likely to want to explore a very specific area, such as the clitoris for example. In this case, one of our advice would be that you orient yourself towards the sex toys which exist as well for men as for women. Introducing these toys into your report could take you to a whole new dimension. These are for example the vibrator, vibrating eggs, Chinese fingers…. The most important thing is that you have fun together for the magic to work in your sex life.


The manufacturing material

If you want to know how to buy a sex toy for couples of better value for money, material of manufacture of products is a criterion that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, these materials will depend on the quality of the objects, but also the comfort that they will give you.

Especially since it is a toy to insert in the private parts, it must be a safe and soft model. Products made with porous materials should therefore be eliminated. Prefering rather those in silicone, plastic, and even glass.

Also, don't choose models that contain phthalates, as they can be harmful to your health. You will find in any price comparison that the best sex toy for couples is to choose from the glass models. These are the most popular because they can change the temperature as much as you want.



Your level of use

wholesale sex toys

Before you find out where to buy a new couple sex toy, think about your level first. Are you a beginner or have you already experienced these objects? Ask your partner too.

In case it is the first time for you or him/her, it is better to choose toys that are easy to use, practical, and not sophisticated so as not to break the mood. After all, the main thing is to have fun together. You also won't spend the evening figuring out how to use the item.

That said, never buy a product that does not convince your partner. Like any purchase that you must make in your relationship, you must agree on the model to acquire.


The best sex toys for couples of 2020

Once you know how to choose the best couple sex toys of 2020, now is the time to look at the products available on the market. To help you narrow down your choice, we have listed the 5 products we think are the best.


Intimate Melody 10 PCs Leather BDSM Kits

Leather BDSM Kits

Looking for toys to enhance your intimate moment? Without hesitation, we recommend this batch of 10 pieces of sexual objects signed Intimate Melody. Red and black, these accessories will be the little details that will make a difference during your next naughty evening. The lot includes among others a pair of handcuffs made of fabric to tie your partner during a sexual game.

And if you also like to blindfold when you make love, this set offers you a high-quality lace and fabric mask, providing comfort to your eyes. Each of you can wear the mask since it is neutral in color. The materials with which the manufacturer designed the objects are of exceptional quality, which means that you will not be embarrassed during the love, but on the contrary, you will find pleasure there.

Even better, you can adjust each accessory as you see fit so that it easily adapts to your hands, face, or whatever. And if you want to offer this box on a special occasion or Valentine's Day, for example, knowing that it is already packaged in a beautiful gift box.

If you want to add a little spice to your life as a couple, take a look at this equipment from Intimate Melody. Failing to be the best brand of sex toys for couples, the brand focused on creativity with this article which contains a multitude of accessories.

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Good points

Quality finish:

As the name suggests, the specimens that make up the lot are made entirely of leather. Therefore, there is no risk that you damage them from the first use. Besides, the handcuffs and the collar are provided with padding so as not to irritate your skin during use.

Multiple accessories:

With the number of devices contained in the pack, your imagination will be your only limit during your games of couples.

Negative points

Narrow mask:

According to users' test, they encountered some problems when fitting the mask. It seems to lack elasticity.


Naisidier Lot of 2 Unisex Masks

sex toy mask

Are you planning an original romantic evening that should end on a note of sexual pleasure? It is, therefore, possible that right now you are wondering which is the best couple sex toy on the market that you can buy. And if romance and rose water stories are your genre, we advise you to turn to this set of 2 Naisidier masks.

Very high quality and extremely comfortable, these masks were made with satin. They are available in red and black, making them a unisex model. Thanks to them, you will surprise your partner or your companion and all you have to do is dive into an atmosphere of sweetness and voluptuousness, while enjoying a hugging pleasure.

Besides, we know that pleasure is at its peak when you make love blindfolded. And if you want to start again, no worries, just store your toys and bring them out when you want. Besides, the manufacturer has ensured that this model is durable and resistant, so that you can use it repeatedly.

This article by Naisidier seems to be a good alternative if you are looking for an easy-to-use material, but one that will boost your libido during your sessions. With its versatility, you can even consider using it in other activities.

Good points


Originally designed as a sex toy for couples, this specimen can also be used as a decorative object according to the opinion of consumers. They used it to bring a special touch to certain furniture in the house.

Soft to the touch:

The accessories are entirely made of satin. This element is known to be both comfortable, but also robust and resistant to intensive handling.

Negative points

Creation of knots:

Due to their smooth structure, users have claimed that knots tend to loosen after a few minutes of use if you do not do them the right way.


Sharplace Lot of 7 Sex Dice

Sex Dice

To make a couple's life last, there is nothing better than breaking the routine that has developed over the years. And to do this, you can trust sex games, especially this lot of 7 dice from the Sharplace brand. Ideal for newlyweds or for couples who have been together for years, these illustrated little cubes will change bed habits.

But what does this game consist of? You just have to throw the dice, then see the images that appear and imitate them. On each die face, therefore, a position to reproduce or a gesture to make, such as kissing your partner's neck or kissing his ears. And we keep going until it gets hot. It is true that when we are in a relationship too long, we start to run out of ideas to please our partner.

If this is also your case, you just have to buy this game that will help you break the monotony. The best thing about this model is that neither you nor your partner can be a loser. You are both winners and can enjoy every moment of pleasure.

Many consumers have wondered where to buy the best couple sex toy on the market, and have found satisfaction at Sharplace. This is practical equipment which offers very easy procedures.


Good points

Easy to use:

Like a traditional dice game, you just have to roll them to start the game. But instead of having numbers, you will have words or pictorial indications to follow for the actions to be taken during your session.

Storage bag:

This item is supplied with a black velvet bag, elegant, but also practical for carrying the dice and serving them as storage space between two uses to avoid their loss.

Negative points

Limited ideas:

Users say that over time, the actions proposed by the dice become tiresome.


Odeco Wireless Vibrating Egg

Vibrating Egg

If you are looking for more sexual pleasure, toys such as this vibrating egg are the most recommended for you. Designed mainly for women, this cheap model can be used solo, but also as a couple. So if you want to please your partner, buy this product for her.

Aiming specifically at the clitoris, this model fulfills its mission by emitting vibrations and therefore by exciting this essential point of female orgasm. Wirelessly, it can be controlled by a remote control, which is more practical and frees you from long wires that could disturb your intense moment. You can recharge it as much as you want on a socket or via USB. Autonomous, this device can operate for 120 minutes before giving up the ghost.

And for a new experience, you have the choice between 120 types of vibrations that you can try on each of your naughty evenings. But for even more pleasure, it is also possible to insert this model into the vagina. And since it is made of very soft quality silicone, the process will be super comfortable. Want to give this toy as a gift? Knowing that it is already packed in a nice gift box.

According to users, this equipment is by far the most efficient if you are looking for practical and ergonomic equipment for your couples games. Although it is not the cheapest in our comparison, consumers said they were pleasantly surprised by its features.

Good points

Varied vibrational intensity:

To be used on the erogenous zones of your body, this device offers 7 modes of vibration that you can easily adjust according to your desires. Entirely made of silicone, it is also possible to insert it into the vagina bringing you softness and excitement at the same time.

Great autonomy:

This device is the only one to have a rechargeable battery if you have to compare it with the other items on our list. It has an activity time of 120 minutes before falling into the harbor.

Negative points

High price:

Consumers are hesitant to buy it at the sight of its cost. It is indeed the most expensive in our ranking.


NiceButy Bandage Kit

sex toys

A bondage kit. his is what will delight the most experienced in sexual games. Because it is exciting to be able to pretend to take control over the other, this practice has become increasingly popular. Nowadays, the accessories used for this are diverse: handcuffs, ropes, scotch tape ... rest assured the goal is not to make people suffer, but to find excitement and enjoyment by exploring new things.

The model of sexual games that we offer here is for example a set of costumes and accessories, all designed for practice. Among other things, there is a black strap that you can use to attach your partner. Very easy to use and put on, this object will spice up your moments spent together. It is made with PU leather, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Also, knowing that this product is very safe, so there is no risk that your partner will suffer from it. On the contrary, you will both feel pleasure from it. 

If you pay close attention to bondage, but you do not know which sex toy for couples to choose, this equipment from NiceButy has made many happy. In addition to being easy to handle, this specimen also has attributes of robustness and comfort.

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Good points


This model easily adapts to all body types. Equipped with adjustment systems, it will be easy for you to select the clamping level of the accessories according to your desires.


This item is made of nylon. This manufacturing material optimizes carrying comfort while respecting your skin. It does not leave traces of redness or irritation.

Negative points

Limited positions:

According to consumers, few postures could be adopted using this model.


How to use a couple sex toy?

lovevery baby

Some couples love to spice up their lives together by using certain products in bed. In a relationship, the use of sex toys marks a new stage in it. If you are venturing into unfamiliar territory, but want to do it right, we will provide these explanations.



Playing role-playing games with a kit

The kits including straps, handcuffs, masks, whips, and others allow the couple to play the submissive and the domineering. There are endless circumstances in which to use them as tying one or the other to the bed, on a chair, on a pole blindfolded in an alluring outfit, or with the minimum on the back. You can play the bad guys or go with more sensuality, it depends on the taste of each. Some even imagine small scenarios in places like high school, hospital, office to heighten the excitement. Men and women can also use ice, chocolate, whipped cream or treats to add more "flavor".


Experiment while having fun

If you've never let yourself go to try new positions, with sex dice, the experience will be all the more fun. Take each a die where the parts of the body are inscribed; a second for gestures such as tapping, sucking, pinching; and the third with more than explicit images. Launch them successively and run. It's very simple. 


Use a vibrating ring

best sex tools

As the product has become very popular, you will easily find it on the Internet. The basic principle of its use remains simple. Keeping the remote control in hand, man places the ring at the base of his sex. It penetrates woman while activating it. The vibrations that accompany penetration will stimulate the lady's clitoris and at the same time act on the gentleman's penis, and all this, for the great pleasure of couple.


Playing with a vibrating egg

Another tool that falls under the category of sex toys for couples is the vibrating egg. Its use is rather fun and allows couple to have fun together. It can be used at home, during a meal or even better during your romantic outings. The egg is to be introduced into Madame's vagina. The command is available to gentleman, the accessory can be activated as desired and thus provide chills to his companion at any time.


Use various other sex toys for couples

Today, there is no longer any reason to be ashamed of using such accessories to add spice to your love life. Moreover, they are more and more accessible to general public. In the batch of materials that it is advisable to try is the vibrator. It is practical for raising the desires of women during the preliminary. Subsequently, its use will promote penetration and quadruple the feelings of couple.        

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